About Us

Opjee was founded (2020) as a small (large) technological project in which people professionally linked to the world of Internet, Technology, Apps and Android joined forces to bring their knowledge to the general public. 

Now we have been offering truthful and verified information about applications, games and electronic devices such as mobiles or tablets for more than three years. 

Does your mobile give you an error? We solve it. Not sure which phone to buy? Our team of experts advises you. 

Looking for a good offline game for Android? We bring you the most successful of the moment.

Our team has a extraodinary experience talk about apps, games, and more.  

Don't you get tired of seeing tedious tutorials or reviews that are simply promoted? From Opjee we speak with knowledge of the facts. 

We test before publishing. We check that everything works. And we explain it to you in the simplest way possible.

It is the only way to reach everyone: honesty and simplicity. But without losing professionalism for a single second.

Of course, we have to live on something. That is why from time to time you will come across Google Adsense ads and affiliate links to Amazon. 

These are methods of monetization of the page, thanks to which we can continue to report day after day. Those who are in charge of the management, design, development and maintenance of the website are the Insufficient Data team.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Avneesh Tiwari

Passionate about the technology sector and with more than 5 years of experience in the field of digital communication and the online world.

His degree in Advertising and Marketing and her subsequent master's degree in Communication and Digital Marketing led his to the world of technological dissemination through the Internet .

What began as a complementary hobby to his work in an advertising agency in Barcelona has become one of the most important projects of his professional career.

His first mobile: Samsung Galaxy M31
The 3 apps he uses the most: WhatsApp, Twitter, 
A favorite mobile game:  Roblox, it relaxes me a lot!

Blog Writing:

In our desire to bring the best possible content to the user, we always work hand in hand with leading professionals in the technology, applications and web sector. 
That is why, depending on one subject or another, we have the services of various freelancers with expertise, bloggers. 

Our Expert Writers are...

Our writers: 

1. Rajneesh Tripathi

He is a businessman and a writer by profession, he combines these two passions by writing useful content related to technology, Apps, Android. 

Enjoying life while trying to do my bit to have a better world.

His favorite mobile game is a classic like the Candy Crush saga and all its variants.

He uses the most WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

2. Zasha

Zasha is from Ukraine. She is a Technology blog writer in Miami, FL. Now working for Opjee. Managed a small team promoting race cars in Suffolk, NY. 

Spent college summers working with dolls in Fort Walton Beach, FL. She spent the better part of the 90's researching toy planes in Washington, DC. 

Set new standards for investing in salsa in Pensacola, FL. A real dynamo when it comes to creating marketing channels for karma in Bethesda, MD.

Marketing, advertising and community manager: Gyan Prakash

All the marketing strategy, the branding of Opjee and the promotion through social networks is in the hands of Gyan Prakash. Living in India since he was born, he works every day to take the website (even) further. 

In addition, he is a writer and consultant for articles on social networks.

He graduated in Economics and Commerce to later specialize in Social Media Marketing (2015-2016) and in Communications and Social Networks (2016-2017). 

He has experience in other Spanish and Italian publications closely linked to the world of technology and gaming.


If you are interested in advertising or knowing how you can promote yourself on our website, talk to her through our contact form .

If you want to be part of our writing team and you have knowledge, training and / or experience in the sector, get in touch at infoopjee@gmail.com