5 Best Apps to Help You Fight Your Smartphone Addiction- 2020

If you keep your eyes on the smartphone screen for hours and find it difficult to stay away from it, then now assume that somewhere you are in the grip of smartphone addiction.

5 Best Apps to Help You Fight Your Smartphone Addiction- 2020

Are you also included in those people who spend hours on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube? If yes, then you need to be careful now, because it is a kind of 'smartphone addiction'.

Loneliness among people is increasing due to spending more time on Social media. Physical activity is also decreasing in these people. Many users do not even know that excessive use of the smartphone is harmful to their health.

By the way, today there are thousands of friends and followers of people on social sites, but in real life, they are becoming alone, so it is important to keep time for themselves from Facebook and Twitter.

If you are not able to do this, then you can take the help of some technical tools android/ios apps to get rid of smartphone addiction.

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1. Digital Wellbeing:

Digital wellbeing tool can be used in smartphones to monitor screen time. This is a new feature, which is available on both Android and iPhone.

With the help of this feature, it will be helpful to know how many hours you spend on a smartphone.

Not only this, but it also provides a tool for users to apply some restrictions to reduce screen time.

Talking about Apple, iOS 12 has a screen time feature, which will be found in the settings of the device.

At the same time, the Android phone has a digital wellbeing feature, which is available in Android 9.0 Pie. This feature is part of the operating system.

With screen time monitoring there is also an option to set a time for individual apps. It also has options for the blue light filter, grayscale, etc.

If your phone does not have these features, then you can also take the help of some apps.

Download: Digital Wellbeing                                                                     

2. Space:

 It is true that after the arrival of the Smartphone, the life of people has become very easy, but when you start spending too much time on it, then it is a kind of addiction.

 If you want to brake on the use of the phone, then this app will help you with this.

It tracks your screen time. This will make it easier to understand the use of the phone. This application can help to remove phone additions in many ways.

Along with understanding your phone habit, it also tries to know what kind of phone user you are. Here, goals can also be set regarding the use of the phone.

With this, you can also take the help of tools like notification blocking, screen dimming, etc. This prompts the phone to reduce usage, Therefore, you can spend the remaining time in productivity and creative work.

 If you want more features, then you can take its pro version. This is for Android and IOS users.

 Download: Space

 3. Stay Free:

Stay free tool is a visual and user-friendly Android application. It tells how much time you spend on your smartphone and favorite apps.

The specialty of this tool is that you can set a limit for every application, and it will alert you as soon as you use more than the scheduled time.

Also, here you will get a complete history of screen time on which apps you have spent so much time.   

Talking about features of Stay Free, it will get the history of using the app, overuse reminder, export mode, motivational quotes, etc.

If using its premium version, then you will get block mode, lock mode, widget, pie chart graph, etc.

The company claims that your personal data is stored on the phone itself, not on the company's server. Users can download this app from Google Play Store.

 Download: Stay Free

4. YourHour:

Do you also feel that as your screen time is increasing, your ability to remain focused on something is decreasing?

You wake up in the morning with the phone and the phone is with you even at night, then you should think seriously whether it is harming your personal-professional life.

In such a situation, it can also be fulfilling for you. It has many user-friendly features that can track and control the usage of the phone.

It has a dashboard feature also, where the screen time and unlock count of the smartphone are allowed to be viewed graphically.
The activity history of the last seven days can also be seen here.

Also, it can be found out what kind of addict you are.
Here this application is divided into six parts, such as Addicted, Obsessed, Dependent, Habitual, Achiever, and Champion.

This application is available in 15 Global Languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc and Many More.

You can download this application from Google Play Store.

 Download: YourHour

5. EyeLeo:

If your time mostly passes on PC, then this software will remind you to take regular breaks.

People usually forget to take breaks at regular intervals while working on the computer, which affects the eyes.

Its biggest feature is that it also tells you about the exercise related to your eyes during the break and relax your eyes while you keep your eye health!


  • Screen blocking long breaks every hour.

  • Break with eye exercises every 10 minutes.

  • Eye exercises are shown by an adorable Leopard.

  • Notifications announcing a long break coming.

  • A strict mode that does not allow to skip the breaks.

  • Customizable intervals.

  • Multi-monitor system support.

  • Available for Windows only.

 Download: EyeLeo

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